Online bill payment is available through Dairyland Power Credit Union’s internet banking to members who have share and share draft (checking) accounts. 

In order to access the Online Bill Pay you will first need to login to your online banking account. Bill Payments will be listed as an option on the  in the internet banking menu bar. Click on “Bill Payment” and you will be taken to the “My Bills” home page. Once registered, you will be able to establish your payees.

The payees can be established for either a one-time payment or a recurring payment. This is a one-time set-up process as all information entered will be saved. The system will send the payment electronically if possible; or in the event that a payee does not accept electronic payments, then a paper check will be issued for payment. 

Additionally, for added security, Dairyland Power Credit Union will issue a check to a payee until an electronic relationship can be established. Electronic payments are debited from your account on the due date. Check payments will remain in your account until the check clears from the payee.

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If you have any questions, please contact the credit union for assistance at (608) 787-1283 or (800) 529-3728.

Online Bill Pay