At Dairyland Power Credit Union we understand the value placed on your time; therefore, if it is difficult for you to make it to the credit union to make a deposit or loan payment with cash or check, we offer several options for your convenience.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is available to all members that are employees of Dairyland Power Cooperative, Dairyland’s Class A, B, and C cooperatives.  Payroll deduction allows you to have a portion or the net amount of your pay to be sent directly to your credit union accounts divided as you choose - savings, checking, loan payments, or you can deposit funds into a family member’s account.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an option for those members of the credit union that are not employed by the abovementioned organizations and serves the same purpose as payroll deduction.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic Transfers are an option if you want money transferred once a month rather than each paycheck. This is a convenient way to make loan payments if you wish to make a lump sum payment on the monthly due date. It is also a great option if your employer does not offer direct deposit, but you want to make a periodic transfer to a savings account or to a loan.